If you want to increase the speed of selling your home try these 5 quick tips. 1. Boost curb appeal – Power wash siding and walkways, wash front windows, repaint or stain the porch floor, and plant blooming flowers. 2. Clear cluttered closets – That closet you were going to clean, guess what… it is time.  Start packing and stack boxes in garage, off-site storage or a moving container.  Showoff you clean closet and leave the closet doors open when selling your home. 3. Remove pet odors – If your pets are indoor, you have pet odor.  The more pets you have, the more odors you have inside your home.  Clean all pet beds, give the pets a bath and wash all pet linens.  Use light scents to help mask odor, strong scents indicate you are masking a larger problem. 4. Pick up toys – Buyers like to imagine a fresh start and not that they are taking someone’s childhood home, pick up the toys. 5. Rearrange your furniture –  In the living room, symmetrical arrangements usually work well. Pull your furniture off the walls and use pairs (of sofas, chairs, lamps) to create an inviting conversation area.