Thinking of selling your home in the near future?  For the best return on investment with the fewest headaches, make sure you are asking agents these six questions.


  1. Will you be totally honest with me?  Most sellers won’t think to ask their agent this question.  However, in a market as competitive as this one, the last thing you need is someone wasting your time and money, or just telling you what you want to hear.  A true professional will give you their honest opinion about every factor that involves the sale of your home.


  1. What is the RIGHT list price to get my home sold? To sell for top dollar a home first has to be priced AT market value.  As the neighborhood expert in our area, I can map out for you exactly what that looks like so there are no surprises, and you get the most money for your home in the shortest possible time.


  1. What top things NEED to happen before the house is listed? A professional agent KNOWS what you will need and what will hurt you in terms of a quick sales and good ROI.  Every home is different, and so is every “checklist.”


  1. Are we being FLEXIBLE enough? Many sellers are busy people with much more going on than the sale of their home.  This can make the “big picture” hard to see.  Flexibility is key.  When you’ve put restraints on your agent to “only show your home on Thursday from 4-6pm” that makes it difficult to get buyers in the door to see your property, which hinders your home selling.


  1. Do we need to stage the home? Studies show that professional staging can greatly increase the speed and price of the home sale.  From the curb to the roof, there are specific techniques for making your home show like a model.


  1. Is NOW the right time to sell? Timing is a critical component in any home sale.  Right now, in our market, we have more buyers than sellers, which puts you in a great position of leverage.


Some other no-fail suggestions include, let in the light, declutter, and remove pets, but there are specifics to each house that can make or break a sale.  Your real estate professional can help create a custom list for your home to get you started.