After Closing Seller Checklist

You’ve just sold your home, Now WHAT???

1. Escrow Account Refund $$$

Contact your lender after funding to give instructions for mailings and refund checks that may be due to you.

2. Insurance $$$

After you receive the proceeds from closing, contact your insurance agent.  You may be entitled to a refund of any unused portion or prepaid insurance.

3. Stop Mortgage Auto Draft

The owner’s title policy and original warranty deed will be mailed to you in a few weeks.  If you do not receive it, please call the title company.

4. FHA – HUD $$$

If you have an FHA- HUD loan, you may be entitled to a refund of mortgage insurance premium.  Call FHA-HUD refund department at 800-697-6967.

5. Property Tax Bill

If you receive property tax bills after closing, please forward them to the buyer.  You should also give notice to all taxing authorities of the change of ownership.

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