Beach House Maintenance Tip

Have you always wanted to live by the beach?   Does your mind wander to relaxing with family and friends on the beach?  Dreaming of late nights watching the stars and listening to the waves from your deck?   Have you decided, “if not now, when,”   and are ready to buy a beach house?  Before you make your dream purchase you should know about the maintenance and things you need to do to keep your home safe when you live by the beach.  Read this article for top maintenance tips for beach homes.


Living by the beach, there are always weather events, hot days, wind, rain, the critters such as birds, possums, and raccoons.  Inspect your roof regularly and repair missing or damaged shingles and ridge caps.  Also, the drip edge will rust, you are on the gulf, maybe scrape the rust and use good paint or replace the rusted drip edge to prevent damage to your facia boards and home.



With the salt air and moisture, your windows will need cleaning inside and out to prevent foggy and crusty windows.  Clean the entire window, not just thewindows to beach glass.  While you are doing your monthly window cleaning, check the seals of windows and doors and make sure they are in working order, and replace caulk as needed.  Hurricane Shutters – make sure and keep those serviced, you never know when we will need them.



Check the exterior of your home for damage occasionally.  The heat of the sun does not only fade that dark color paint you selected, but the moisture can cause algae and mold to form on your home.  You may want to pressure wash your home to keep it clean and to remove mildew and algae.  Paint, use paint that holds up well on the gulf coast.  A suggestion would be Sherwin Williams Resilience.  It has mildew-resistant coatings, lifetime limited warranties, and comes in several colors. It also has early moisture resistance.  Speak with your contractor or builder to determine other paint suggestions.  Regardless of what paint you select, darker colors usually fade quickly and will look unevenly faded and worn.  Bright and light colors appear to keep their appearance longer.



Metal is your enemy.  Be prepared to change out metal doorknobs, lights, and fixtures inside and outside your home. For exterior lights purchase plastic, your indoor faucets and fixtures will also rust, but not as quickly as the exterior fixtures.  Also, your fan blades will droop due to the humidity.



Gutters and downspouts take a beating, with the winds there is movement, and salt-air causes rusting and corrosion.  Keep your eye out for rusted areas so all the water going in the downspout is not going down your home due to a rust hole, or because the guttering was moved by the wind.



Deck Views
Deck Views

Hanging out on the deck is so relaxing with the breeze, birds, visiting with friends and family, and it’s a great place to take a nap.  Keep your deck clean, pressure washed and sealed to protect it from the harsh sun and elements.  Also nails rust and you will need to replace them.  Stainless steel screws seem to last longer.

There is a price for paradise, you need to determine if it’s right for you.  Me, I love it.  The Rust and Repair is just part of it.


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