Here are my Top 10 Ways to Enhance a Property for Sale, without Breaking the Bank.

A few touches here and there can enhance a home and improve a buyers perspective with limited expense.

1. Top-up garden mulch.

Enchance with Mulch
Enhance with Mulch

Fresh mulch always brightens up landscaping.  While you are in the yard, trim a few bushes and add a few flowers if needed.  The walkway to your home provides the buyers first impression that the home has been well maintained  by the sellers.




New Bath Towels
New Bath Towels

2. Update bathroom towels.

Have you been thinking about purchasing new towels for your next home?  Purchase them now to help sell your current home.  Display a new bottle of hand soap and deodorizer with a pretty shower curtain and you are ready!


3. Clear kitchen and bathroom counters. ⠀- Show off your neatness, with clean counters and everything in its place.  Put the toaster and blender in a cabinet so buyers can see the amount of counter space you have.

4. Incorporate indoor plants to bring the sunshine into your home.   You are the designer, make the buyers feel at home and love your home as much as you do.

5. Introduce fragrant candles and/or diffusers, but nothing too strong, something soft and subtle.  Many clients pop in the chocolate cookies for an open house.

6. Invest in new bedlinen (including cushions and throws) – nothing polarising!  Your realtor may recommend or provide bed linens.  Fresh bed linens add to the beauty of any bedroom.

Pillows and Throws
Pillows and Throws

7. Style sofas with new cushions and throws – Throws always makes me feel snuggly and comfortable.  Buyers will feel the warmth just by seeing the fresh pillows and throws.

8. Define spaces with rugs.  – Do you have an open concept home or is the home you are selling vacant?   Use rugs to designate space, such as where the dining table may go, or a suggested bed location in an empty bedroom.

Living Room



9. Add warmth with lighting.  A dark house is hard for buyers to see, add white light bulbs (yellow lightbulbs will make your pictures look yellow.).  Let your home been seen.

10. Install some wall art and add depth to any room.  Wall art is interesting, a conversation piece, and is at eye level, so very noticeable.




BONUS tip: do not over stage or over de-clutter.  Your realtor will have suggestions on what changes you should make to your home.


Call A Carter we can walk thru your home and make suggestions and we have comforters, pillows, towels, and throws to liven up any space.  Give us a call today!!