Don’t Let Selling Myths Steer Your Home Sale

Selling a property can be just as stressful as buying one. Your home is where your treasured memories—and probably your largest financial investment—reside. You want every part of the sale to go smoothly. So don’t let incorrect or outdated ideas influence your transaction! Avoid these myths when you put your house on the market:


MYTH: Remodeling Projects Always Yield Dividends When You Sell.

REALITY: Your renovation could pay off when it’s time to sell, but many don’t. Some updates may make your property more attractive to buyers, and others do raise appraisal values and sale prices, but don’t count on getting back dollar-for-dollar what you spent.


MYTH: Your House is Worth What Your Friend’s or Neighbor’s House Sold For.

REALITY:  Many factors determine your home’s value, including property condition and nearby comparable sales. Appraisals aren’t the same as sale prices, either. Just because your neighbor sold her home for $50,000 over asking price doesn’t mean yours will. Every situation is different.


MYTH: The Highest Offer is Always the Best.

REALITY: Money is important but other factors matter, too. The best offer also works with your timetable and terms. Your REALTOR® can help you navigate multiple offers.


MYTH: Don’t Accept the First Offer.

REALITY: Sometimes the first offer is the best offer. Don’t disregard it just because it arrived first. Consider whether it meets your goals and what might happen if you reject it without having other offers in hand.


Your Coastal REALTOR® can help you separate fact from fiction and guide you to make the best decisions for you.  Just Call A Carter: 979-341-9293.