How to Prepare to Buy or Sell Real Estate in 2021?

Everyone is anticipating 2021, here are pro tips to help you prepare to buy or sell real estate in 2021.

Selling Real Estate Tips

  1. Remove Clutter – Organize Drawers and Closets
  2. Paint Interior if needed and make Repairs
  3. Take Care of Landscape, it is the first impression
  4. Consider Hiring Professionals to Clean Inside and Out. –  Make everything shine and address any odors.

Buying Real Estate Tips

  1. Save Money for your down payment, closing cost, and monitor your credit. – Don’t open new credit accounts, continue timely payments, and don’t buy a car.
  2. What’s Your Budget?  Select a Lender – Not every lender is equal!!  Make sure your lender has a history of delivering to the closing table.  A pre-approval letter does not guarantee a home purchase.  List of Lenders here
  3. Determine Your Home Search Criteria – Number of Bedrooms? Baths? Location? Acreage?
  4. The Real Estate Market was busy in 2020, don’t be late to the party!!

When buying or selling property, work with someone that represents you and your interest!!  Call A Local Realtor… Call A Carter, we are happy to help!! 979-341-9293 or 979-341-9244.

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