May is the best month to put a home on the market, according to a report from ATTOM Data Solutions. However, the best day to sell a house is in June.


An analysis of more than 14 million home sales across the country from 2011-2017 revealed homeowners who sold during the month of May garnered a 5.9 percent premium above market value, which was higher than homeowners who sold during every other month.


While May might be the best month to sell a home, the best day to sell a home is actually June 28, according to ATTOM. Sellers who got a deal done on June 28 sold their homes for a median sales price of $204,000, which was 9.1 percent more than the median estimated value. Here were the top five days to sell a home, according to ATTOM:


  1. June 28th (9.1% sales premium above market value)
  2. February 15th (9.0%)
  3. May 31st (8.3%)
  4. May 29th (8.2%)
  5. June 21st (8.1%)

There were a handful of markets that bucked the national trend, particularly warm weather cities. For instance, in Miami the smartest month to sell was January, as sellers earned a 2.5% premium above market value during that month. In Phoenix, the best month to sell was November.


Those looking to sell during non-peak months could consider putting their home on the market during July or April, which were the third and fourth-smartest months to sell, per ATTOM.


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