Top Steps Hosts Can Take to Optimize Listings with the Airbnb Categories Update

  • Review all your information in the hosting dashboard to ensure it is up to date.
  • Listing titles are very important as they inform Airbnb’s algorithm on where and how to share your listings.
  • Change your titles to include your unique selling points (i.e. special amenities or the view)
  • Airbnb will display the photo closest matching to your given category rather than your chosen image in the search result (such as your beach view photo, if you are listed in the Amazing Beach View Category)
  • Update your photo captions.
  • Share as much information as you can to Airbnb so the algorithm will rank you for all potential categories.
  • Monitor the rankings in the “All Hosts” Category.
  • Try to prompt your guests to leave longer reviews and talk specifically about your category or amenities.
  • If you use a property manager, check that your listing has the requisite integration to make these updates.
  • Monitor Airbnb for any updates.

The algorithm determines when and where your rental is viewed, so monitor your listing, and stay up to date on future Airbnb updates.