Splash to Color to Your Kitchen
Colored Chairs for Your Kitchens Splash of Color

Ever felt so tired from a crazy work day when all you wanted to do is to come home to a clean and beautiful kitchen so you can make yourself a nice dinner? I bet we all did. But what stresses you more is that  same old boring kitchen all over again: old cupboards, same countertops, pale-looking wall paint. It didn’t really help the stress, huh?

Here are some things to consider when doing a kitchen upgrade. Don’t worry, you don’t need to drain your savings account with this fix as the things to upgrade depend on your taste!

Buy and Sell Appliances

Surely, you’ve got some appliances that you wanted to replace. While this might be the costliest part of your upgrade, selling your old ones in Facebook’s Marketplace and buying a new one will definitely do a big chunk of the job for you!

Over the past year, I’ve been selling items I don’t really need on Facebook Messenger and to my surprise, the response is very fast. Once you’ve sold items you want to upgrade, then you can get additional funds from your savings account to buy your desired refrigerator, stove or even dishwasher! Keep in mind to purchase appliances in the same color – my best bet would be white or silver, as it is easier to clean and it really looks nice and bright in the kitchen.

Color Overhaul

While upgrading your appliances is a good start, a total color overhaul of the entire kitchen can get the job done,

Life with Color
Life with Color!!

most of the time. Most kitchens have plain colors – cream walls and white ceilings. It can look really dull if it is paired with silver or white appliances. There are so many colors to choose from, but when deciding on a color palette for the kitchen, it’s always good to consider the color of your appliances, as well as your dining table and chairs.

Not everyone knows it, but certain colors actually have an effect or people’s, or even animals’ mood!

Red is a warm color and it is believed to create a ‘hungry’ feeling in our appetite. Select different shades of red for your cabinets and even the small utensils which are visibly displayed on your cooking area. This way, even if you have a white background, there would be a pop of color to energize a room.

Window Treatment

The finishing move in your kitchen upgrade is probably choosing the right kitchen window for you and your space. If your current window does not add to the aesthetics of your kitchen, then you really have to improve it!

The best option is to get a Vinyl Garden Window – as it creates wonders to your kitchen look. You can grow house plants and even herbs with the right amount of sunlight while protecting them from being destroyed by other elements such as the weather, animals, people, etc.  It also helps you conserve energy as you don’t need to use kitchen lights in the morning! The best part of the Vinyl Garden Windows is that they are available in a variety of colors, and you do not have to paint or stain them, because they are maintenance-free.

If you’re running out of ideas on how to upgrade your kitchen’s look, Pinterest always serves a guide for me! You can find tons of inspiration there – from color schemes to the right designs for your walls. Gather your best friend or loved one and browse ideas to turn this from a stressful upgrade to a fun one!

Splash of Color to Your Kitchen