Legislative Update

Legislation is moving quickly in these final days. Following are status updates as of 1 p.m. CDT on Friday, May 28 for several bills that are advancing thanks to REALTOR® support!

Eminent Domain Reform

REALTOR®-supported House Bill 2730 (authored by Rep. Joe Deshotel) makes several changes that make the eminent domain process more fair and help make property owners more aware of their rights when an entity with eminent domain authority seeks to acquire their property.

On Thursday, the bill unanimously passed the Senate and next goes to the governor.

Reforming HOAs

The House and Senate have passed differing versions of Senate Bill 1588 (authored by Sen. Bryan Hughes), so a conference committee of 10 legislators is meeting to hash out the differences.

This bipartisan legislation makes several pro-homeowner reforms, including a cap on resale certificate fees, increased transparency in HOA management, and better due process to resolve disputes.

Removing Discriminatory Covenants from Deeds

Senate Bill 30 (authored by Sen. Royce West) would provide property owners a way to remove discriminatory covenants from their real estate deeds by going through the county clerk’s office.

Both chambers unanimously passed SB 30 earlier this month and it now awaits a vote from the full Senate.